• Where can I find information on networks if my doctor isn't contracted with my current network any longer?

    For members enrolled in Sandia Total Health administrated by UnitedHealthcare, go to www.uhc.com and click Find Physician, Laboratory or Facility.

    For members enrolled in Sandia Total Health administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico, go to www.bcbsnm.com

  • Can I add my spouse if he/she is retiring at the end of the year?

    Generally, once you make an election you cannot make a change until the next Open Enrollment period. However, certain events allow mid‐year enrollments into or dis‐enrollments from the medical, dental and/or vision programs. These events are called mid‐year elections change events and a change in employment status is considered one of those events.
  • Who do I call regarding billing?

    You can contact the VIA Benefits formerly ExtendHealth), the benefit administrator for Sandia National Labs at
  • Who do I call regarding claims issues?

    For claims you would call the health plan you were enrolled with during that time. If you changed health plans for a new plan year, you will call your new health plan for claims incurred anytime during this year.
  • If I opt out of coverage, can I re-enroll? When? Who do I talk to?

    If you are a retiree and decide to opt out of your Sandia coverage you can re-enroll during the Open Enrollment Period which is held during the fall. Certain events, such as if you lose coverage under another employer, may all mid-year enrollments into or dis-enrollments form the medical and dental programs. These events are called mid-year election change events and you may call VIA Benefits, the benefit administrator for Sandia National Labs at 1‐888‐598‐7809.

    Please keep in mind if the Sandia retiree opts out of Sandia coverage for any reason, then all family members will also lose coverage under the Sandia plan as well.

    If a Surviving Spouse or LTD Terminee opts out of Sandia coverage or fails to pay premium timely, they will lose coverage and will not be allowed to re-enroll in the Sandia plan in the future.

  • What happens to my coverage if my spouse and I reside outside of New Mexico either full-time or part of the year?

    If you are Pre-Medicare, you may choose Sandia Total Health administered by UnitedHealthcare or Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico. Each has a National network of providers.


    If you are Medicare eligible, VIA Benefits has advisors available to discuss your coverage options. In 2021 the UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage plan is available to Medicare eligible Retiree, spouses, dependents, surviving spouses and Long-Term Disability terminees nationwide. The New Mexico restriction has been removed. Please contact a benefit advisor to discuss your options. Via Benefits can be reached at 1‐888‐598‐7809.


  • What happens when my spouse or I turn 65 or become Medicare Eligible?

    Approximately 90 days prior to your 65th birthday, you will receive information from VIA Benefits regarding your options for post 65 benefits. You may also contact them at 1‐888‐598‐7809.
  • Can my spouse continue coverage if I pass away?

    If your spouse has medical coverage through Sandia when you pass away, then he or she will be able to continue coverage as a surviving spouse. If your spouse does not have medical coverage through Sandia at the time of your passing, he or she will not be able to enroll in medical coverage through Sandia.

    If at the time of your passing your spouse is enrolled in the Sandia Dental Plan, your spouse will be offered COBRA for dental coverage. If the surviving spouse does not elect COBRA for dental then coverage will be lost. Dental coverage is only available to surviving spouses through the duration of COBRA. Once COBRA coverage ends, then dental coverage is no longer available.

  • My spouse and I are both retirees of Sandia. What happens if I die? Does my spouse retain dental coverage? What happens with medical?

    Your spouse cannot have dental coverage as a surviving spouse; however, your spouse will be able to revert to their eligibility as a former Sandia employee. He/she can therefore add dental under him/her as the Sandia retiree. In the event they choose add the dental plan as a Sandia retiree, the medical plan would also revert to them as a Sandia retiree. In order to do this, they must contact VIA Benefits at 1‐888‐598‐7809.
  • Do I contact Sandia to make changes to my coverage, address or to remove a dependent?

    No, you will need to contact VIA Benefits at 1‐888‐598‐7809 or anything questions relating to making changes to your coverage, address, or dependents.
  • Who do I contact regarding the payment of my monthly premium?

    VIA Benefits handles all billing related to the Sandia Group Plans for Pre- and Post-Medicare Retirees. They can be reached at 1‐888‐598‐7809.
  • How would it work if I am Medicare-eligible and my spouse is not?

    You will have a choice of the Sandia Medicare group plans or individual insurance through VIA Benefits. Your spouse will default into the same Sandia Plan he/she had when you were an employee. They can change Sandia plans during each open enrollment period.